NukeC30: Copyright Information
Module Copyright © Information
NukeC30 module for PHP-Nuke

 Module's Name: NukeC30
 Module's Version: 3.0
 Module's Description: NukeC - The Advanced Advertising System for PHP-Nuke.
NukeC Addon Module is addon module built for work on PHP-Nuke, the great web portal system.
NukeC is an advertising system that allows website visitors or members to sell something by posting the information about the item that they want to sell. With the admin sections, you could easily manage all of contents and preferences in NukeC Modules even though you are not a PHP programmer.
NukeC 3.0 is working with Phpnuke 7.x.
 License: GNU/GPL
 Author's Name: Sudirman Angriawan
 Author's Email:

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